Our mission.

To serve as a responsible, educational, thought-provoking, culturally relevant publication that inspires young readers to achieve their highest potential.  

Rip magazine relies on an advisory board of experts, including teachers, nurses, doctors, social workers and others to ensure that it provides accurate and reliable information to its readers.

Our core values.

EDUCATION: Rip values inspiring learning through thoughtful and insightful articles, cartoons, art and inspirational messages.

GLOBAL RESPECT: Rip values and embraces diversity. We believe everyone has a unique and intrinsic value in this world.

PHILANTHROPY: Rip donates proceeds to charitable causes that we care about.

INSPIRATION: Rip strives to breathe life, beauty and creativity into its content. It is foremost an educational platform to share differing and opposing points of views at times, and to allow room for critical thinking.